Places we offer


We offer free ECCE places. The government provides two preschool years for each child, which begins the year your child turns 3.

So, if your child was 3 in January of this year, they would be eligible for their place in September of this year. If they did not turn 3 until November of this year, they would still be eligible for enrollment in September of this year.

ECCE classes are run with up to 22 children per class, and appropriate staff to children ratios. ECCE classes run for 3 hours in the morning (with varying start times).

Children bring their own snack for the 3 hours, which we ask is kept in line with our healthy eating policy.

During the 3 hours they are with us, children have opportunities for self-guided quiet work time, working on structured activities such as jigsaw puzzles, practical life skills, looking at books in the book corner, etc. Later they have time for less structured or ‘free’ play, including pretend and outdoor play. Circle time, artwork and baking are also regularly included into our week.

Full time:

It is very important to us that children who are with us full time feel like Little Crickets is their home away from home.

All day creche care offers lower staff to children ratios, meaning your child will get more time with the team member who is caring for them.

Children form great bonds with not only team members, but also the other children who attend.

Children will enjoy each other’s’ company during playtime, mealtimes, as they sit around the table chatting over their lunch. Children who nap will share a secure room, each with their own bed or cot.

Full time children may have their breakfast with us (up to 8.30am), followed by mid-morning snack, noon lunch, mid afternoon snack and evening tea (a small meal, intended to keep them going until they have dinner at home).


Our services for afterschool children include collection from school, a hot lunch and support with homework completion. Children are given opportunities for free play and activities too.