Our Ethos

At Little Crickets we provide a child-centred, inclusive, and secure environment for each child, whilst offering stimulating learning experiences tailored to each child’s unique interests. We believe that each child should be respected for their individuality.

Our curriculum is emergent based, meaning that when we plan activities we take the interests, needs and skills of each child into consideration, to make the most suitable curriculum for them, and help them to reach their next level of development.

Curricula are developed alongside the NCCA national early childhood curriculum framework, Aistear, and with the interests of each specific child in mind.

Aistear’s framework includes four interconnected themes: Well-being; Identity and Belonging; Communicating; and Exploring and Thinking https://ncca.ie/en/early-childhood/

Weekly and monthly curriculums are available on our Parents’ Noticeboard to be viewed by parents/carers, so you can see exactly what your child will be getting up to during their day with us!

We highly value the principles of Montessori, some of which include freedom of choice, promoting independence, learning through practical life experiences, and many more. We include these in our daily running of the creche.

We are highly qualified professionals, and we pride ourselves on providing the best care for your child.

We respect that a child’s first teacher is their parent, and so we work very closely to with parents for the best of each child. We have an open-door policy at Little Crickets, and regularly communication with parents is very important to us.

We offer various channels for communication with parents include a daily verbal handover when you collect your child, updates on Facebook showing what the children have been doing (we never share images of children, only their activities), digital newsletters which are emailed to parents, parent-teacher meetings in the final ECCE year, and of course we are available to phone to discuss any concerns that you may have.

If our team or a parent has a concern regarding a child, a meeting can be arranged to discuss further.